Monday, August 2, 2010

Our history...

I'm not sure where to start with this. I guess a little history may be helpful.

D and I met in middle school. We grew up in the same neighborhood with the same friends and went to the same church. Our lives were so very similar is was scary.

But we walked 2 very different paths through high school and into our young 20s. While D was causing trouble, breaking the law, and getting kicked out of school, I traveled with my soccer team and managed to make it to school on most days. It was my Senior year in high school that D and I stopped hanging out and talking. We wouldn't speak for the next 7 years.

At 18 I had my son, C. Thankfully my dad made me go to college and my mom helped raise C. I am truly fortunate for the love of my parents. My life consisted of C, work, and school. I didn't have a social life. I didn't have many friends I shared my worries with. I didn't date. I was completely focused on making a future for myself and C.

D had married a high school sweetheart and graduated from boot camp in April 2003. He was deployed to Korea and shortly after to Iraq.

It was January 2006 that I found D on Myspace and sent him a message. He was coming home from Iraq and would be in the states for his birthday. Our first phone call in February was loooong. D talked and rambled for the entire 6 hours we were on the phone. I listened. I had missed a lot in past 7 years. I missed his friendship.

To make a long story short...things went very well for us and we had our daughter, J, in Colorado in April 2007. That same summer we moved back home to San Diego as D was medically separated from the Army with PTSD and TBI. It was here that we exited off the smooth highway of life as we once knew it and hit the rocky, pot hole ridden road we continue to drive on today.

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