Sunday, August 22, 2010

Blog Name Change...

We had a great day together yesterday. Went to one of my best friends annual backyard BBQs and then to the bay to celebrate my cousins 11th Birthday. Everything went fairly smooth. D was reasonably helpful.

So this morning in the shower I got to thinking that maybe I should be taking a more positive approach to this blogging thing. Instead of me being "not sure" of what the heck is going on in my life and where it's headed, maybe we should just be on the "road to recovery". That way when I sign on to vent my frustrations of the day I am looking at is as a mere bump in the road, but still moving in the right direction.

My dad was always "the glass is half full" kind of a person and I was the complete opposite. I am not nearly as dramatic about my misfortunes as my older sister, but none the less it takes me a bit to brush them off and keep going.

D had ALWAYS been the "it's no big deal" type. Not necessarily optimistic, but more along the lines of...someone somewhere in the world has it worse than you so stop complaining. I've always somewhat admired his lack of fear for the future, although it has driven me crazy on numerous occasions. I wish I could just not care sometimes.

So here we are today on the Road to Recovery. It may be the infinitely long road, but each day we will at least be getting closer and closer. I'm sure there will be days, weeks, months we find ourselves lost. And may have even taken a wrong turn or two, but given some time I am hopeful we will find our way back.

Our family has always loved taking road trips together. I'm hoping I can really get D in the car for this one. Figuratively, it may be the trip of a lifetime, but perhaps the most eventful and rewarding of all.

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