Thursday, August 19, 2010

Where I found my inspiration...

We were having an especially rough night after an especially rough week. I went searching around for help, for answers and I came across this Blog. The story hit home and I felt compelled to comment. I never thought the comment would be read, let alone understood by anyone else. So here it is my first official unofficial Blog post.

PASP - Combat PTSD HQ: PTSD is a Demon: First It Invades the Veteran, the...: "Reader's comment on August 1, 2010 from the article Combat Veterans Bring the Monster of War Home: The Story of SGT Travis Triggs For the li..."

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  1. Hey Not Sure, Welcome Home. Thank you for the recognition, I am honored to have you join the world of telling it like it is in the Combat PTSD Home. Your heart felt comment gave me an influx of comments in all my social circles, emails, etc. Thank you for finding the words to express your passion and story.

    Thanks again and good luck, I find most of my inspiration from talking to good folks like you, that and my life in general.

    May God bless you,

    Scott Lee